Meet the Home Inspectors

Southpaw Home Inpsection

Rich Lavine

Rich Lavine of Southpaw Home Inspection performs home inspections from the greater Salt Lake area, all the way south to Washington and Kane counties! "I am very excited to meet and work with you whether you are a buyer, seller or a realtor. All three of these parties have emotional “skin in the game”, therefore it is important to have a non-biased, fact-based party come in to perform an objective assessment of the property."

​Since Rich was a boy growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he has loved climbing on roofs, going through attics and army crawling under his family home. The way that those different worlds were related to the things he saw every day were fascinating to him. He would envision how the different parts of the home worked based on where he was outside, and in relation to the rooms inside. That adventure of exploration would lead to a career of learning and earning.

“When I was 23 there was a report of wasps in an attic. As I crawled around up there I found a hive that was about 48” around. As home inspectors we find and report these issues, but with this one it was fun to see it up close (after the wasps were removed of course). The size was impressive.”

Today Rich owns and operates Blue Sky Home Inspections. He enjoys being a part of a process that is so meaningful to peoples lives. He knows first hand that purchasing a home is an emotional process, and the opportunity to to bring peace of mind to those purchasing and those selling is a responsibility that he does not take lightly.

When not scaling attics or crawling through people’s houses, Rich loves spending time with his wife and five kids in Salt Lake City. It’s a wonderland of hiking, camping and family fun. “We love spending time together in the outdoors and in the myriad of sports and family activities in the valley.”